Context menus have been added to feeds view, by long pressing on an feed or feedbag icon, and the articles list, by long pressing on an article. In the feeds view long pressing on a feed gives you the options to edit, unsubscribe, or view the website for the feed in Safari, for a feedbag you can edit or delete the feedbag.

Feed Context Menu Feedbag Context Menu

Mean while in the articles list long pressing on an article will give you a host of option, some duplicating those on the swipe left and right of the article. These include :-

  • Speak an article
  • Toggle articles read state
  • Toggle if the article is starred
  • Add to Safari Reading List
  • Add to Pocket
  • Add to Instagram
  • Open in Safari
  • Share

Article Context Menu

As well as adding easier access to these options, these context menus can also be accessed using a trackpad or mouse on iPadOS 13.4.

This release also includes a couple of bug fixes, include one causing the playbar to be positioned incorrectly on the iPhone, and another stopping Pocket authorisations for users of iOS 13 or higher.

The full release notes can be found here.