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  • Feedbag v1.5 Released

    Added feed and article context menus, fixed a bug causing the playbar to redraw in the wrong place, and a bug stopping Pocket authorisation in iOS 13 or higher
  • Feedbag v1.4 Released

    Two new options in the article list options menu “Speak All Articles” and “Speak Unread Articles” automatically add all the entries to the playlist.

  • Feedbag v1.3 Released

    Release 1.3 of Feedbag contains a number of performance and reliability fixes. These concentrate around syncing and speaking articles.

  • Feedbag v1.2: Dark Mode in iOS 13

    Dark mode support for iOS 13 comes to Feedbag in version 1.2 along with an indicator as to which articles are in the playlist and some performance improvements.

  • Feedbag v1.1 Released

    Version 1.1 of Feedbag has been released to the iOS app store today. This release implements keyboard shortcuts along with a number of bug fixes. See the release notes for more details.

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