An iOS RSS Reader with iCloud syncing, filtered article collections, read later service support, and text-to-speach to read you your news articles to you.

Coming Soon

The following features are planned for forthcoming releases, although there no ETA's on any of these at the moment.

  • Additional rules including compound rules
  • Save to Pintrest
  • MacOS Application
  • Subscribe to Instragram accounts
  • View your saved Pocket articles
  • View your saved Instapaper articles


What does Feedbag cost?

When you start using Feedbag you will get a 14 day free trial after which a recurring 99¢/p a month subscription will start which you can cancelled at anytime via the Manage Subscription option in your iTunes account. You can also purchase an annual subscription for £9.99/$10.49(US)/€10.99 from within the Feedbag iOS settings page.

Which RSS Services does Feedbag support?

Feedbag does not support third-party RSS services but uses iCloud to sync your subscriptions and articles which saves to paying for a seperate RSS aggregation service.

How much of my iCloud storage does Feedbag use?

None. Your subscriptions and articles are store in Apples Cloud Kit and synced via iCloud.

Does Feedbag have a dark mode?

Yes, as of version 1.2 Feedbag supports dark mode in iOS 13.

Is there a Mac version of Feedbag?

Again, not at the moment. I will be working on porting Feedbag to the macOS 10.15 Catalina and aim to have it available shortly after its launch this autumn/fall.

What about non Apple operating systems?

There are no plans to create an Android or Windows version of Feedbag at this time, however I’m not ruling out writting apps for these systems in the future.

How do I contact you for support?

If you’re having any issues with the app, or experiencing issues with a feed from a website, please drop an email with as much detail as possible to support@digitree.net

Please include the following if possible.

  • iOS Version
  • Device Type and Model
  • Feed url (if you’re having issues with a specific feed)
  • Screenshots - iOS Screenshot Guide

Switching on the “Share With App Developers” in Settings under Privacy -> Analytics will help me to see any crash reports generated by the app which will help me fix them.

Release Notes

Version 1.026 Jul 2019

Version 1.0 of Feedbag in now available on the App Store

Version 1.128 Aug 2019

Version 1.1 adds an initial set of keyboard shortcuts for those using a keyboard with their iPad or iPhone. J & K move forward and backward through the list of articles, H & L move backward and forward through the page history. Hold the Command key down for a full list of shortcuts.

Bug fixes and improvements include:-

  • Improvements moving through the history of links and urls followed from an article
  • Fixed a bug where the selected article is not highlighted in the list when moving through using next/previous article icons or keyboard shortcuts
  • Fixed a crash when re-loading the article list when syncing
Version 1.226 Sep 2019

This version adds support for dark mode in iOS 13 along with other changes required for iOS 13. Articles in the playlist will show an icon in the article list, and swiping right on an article in the list will remove it from the playlist if it’s in the list or add it to the playlist if it isn’t.

Bug fixes and improvements include:-

  • Dark mode support in iOS 13
  • Added an icon to the article list to show which articles are in the playlist
  • Swiping right on an article in the article list removes the article from the playlist if it is queued to play
  • Fixed the scaling of the feed icon in the article list
  • Performance improvements
Version 1.322 Oct 2019

Improvements to syncing, article speaking, performance and stability.

  • Improvements to syncing
  • Improvements to speaking of articles
  • Performance improvements
  • Removed a few crashes
Version 1.408 Feb 2020
  • Added “Speak All Articles” and “Speak Unread Articles” to the article list options menu
  • Added support for handoff for the current feedbag or feed you are viewing
  • Improved syncing and reduced memory usage when syncing large sets of data
  • Other Bug fixes and performance improvements
Version 1.501 Apr 2020
  • Fixed issue with the play bar being shown in the wrong place on the iPhone
  • Added context menus to feeds view and articles list to aid trackpad/mouse support on iPadOS 13.4
  • Fixed an issue stopping Pocket authorisation on iOS 13 or higher
  • Other Bug fixes and performance improvements